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Electric bikes are fun, smooth, and easy to ride and have grown substantially in recent years. They are so much in demand that some spend an extra penny to have the best one, while others choose to steal it. Even if you have a high-end electric bike but inadequate theft protection, you can be a soft target for thieves and might compromise your electric vehicle. 

Millions of bikes are stolen each year, and only a few are recovered. Thieves either remove some of the parts of your ebike or steal them in their entirety, especially in case of a weak lock system. 

So before your electric bike gets stolen, be with us to take precautionary measures and prevent your ebike from theft by following these seven effective strategies. Not only are they simple to follow, but they also guard your vehicle against any theft. Let's quickly have a look.

#1. Choosing a Secure Lock

Good quality bike locks are the most basic and essential step to protect your vehicle from theft and robbery. A single lock might not do justice, so you must apply effective locking strategies to prevent your electric bike from stealing. For instance, we recommend you lock individual parts of your electric bike like the frame, handlebar, and of course, wheel to the frame. This way, it gets difficult for thieves to transport your bike to a quiet or remote area.

Also, if your battery is removable, ensure to lock it with a good-quality lock. Though many electric bikes come with a factory locking solution, that is not enough. Try to run your lock through the battery handle to secure it in place. Always invest in high-quality locks; they can be expensive but are far from being an easy target in thieves' eyes. 


#2. Park in Public Area

One of the best ways to protect your ebikes from theft is to park them in the appropriate location. Selecting a suitable place to park your electric bike reduces the chances of theft and vice versa. Hence, it is best to park your electric bike in a busy public area, especially one with video surveillance.

Besides busy and crowded places, lighting is also essential to prevent thieves from tampering with your bike locks. Since criminals and stealers feel safe in the dark, ensure your ebike is visible in the well-lit street lamps. Instead, park your electric bikes in a locked bike cellar with sufficient lights to prevent robbery. Also, you must not park your vehicle at the same spot daily as it makes it easier for thieves to observe your schedule and plan their robbery act accordingly. 


#3. Keep the Bike with you

Another great strategy is to carry your electric bikes with you whenever and wherever possible. Some trips to the distant and isolated areas of the town or city are unavoidable, and you have to travel there unwantedly to get the best pizza, explore the best market, or find the only departmental store to get the grocery and other essential items. While parking in such a deserted area, especially during the night time, can be risky, the best is to get your ebike inside with you. 

Many big stores like supermarkets and shopping centers permit people to bring their electric bikes inside their buildings. You can ask the employees or staff to do so, and if they allow you, you must get your ebike and park it near the door. But still, ensure the locking of the wheel with the frame for additional security. 


#4. Removing the Electric Bike Battery 

High-value electric bikes have relatively expensive components, and leaving your ebike locked up for hours lures thieves into plundering valuable parts like batteries and frames. Once stolen, they can salvage the valuable parts for their gains, leaving your electric bike lifeless. On the contrary, if you remove the electric bike battery, the chances of it being targeted by thieves are far less, as a bike with a battery is relatively more attractive to steal than one without. 

So if you are out and will leave your ebike unattended for a few hours, we suggest removing the battery and taking it along with you. You can store it in a dry and well-ventilated place at room temperature. This way, your e-bike will devalue, making it less attractive and worthless for any robber. Furthermore, it also protects your battery from being exposed to wind, sun, rain, and cold and makes it run longer. 


#5. Equipping With a Horn or Alarm

A bike alarm comes in handy to protect your electric bike from any possible theft or robbery. The bike alarm immediately alerts everyone in the vicinity to grab attention, making the thief have no choice but to drop his illegal robbery efforts. Get a good quality and high decibel alarm to keep your eclectic bike safe when parked and sharing the street with traffic. An alarm or horn as high as 108 decibels can do the job pretty well. 

Some high-end bikes come pre-equipped with an alarm, so you need not purchase one separately. But you must know that an alarm or high-decibel horn can never substitute locks by any chance. They are just an additional option that can alarm the people on the streets when any thief tries to hack into your bike's locks to bring his illegal plans into action. 


#6. Employing Tracking Devices and GPS Technology

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, if your luck is not favoring you, thieves might successfully steal and take your ebike with them. Now is the time for a successful recovery. So you must install a GPS system on your electric bike beforehand to track it down if such a mishap occurs. GPS tracking helps you recover your bike quickly in no time. In addition, the GPS technology enables the authorities to track the exact location of your ebike and help you in your recovery efforts. 

TagLock trackers are innovative technology with a hidden rear reflector that gets fully attached to the bike's frame or seat. You can place a Smart Tag beneath the seat, under the saddle, or in your water bottle cage to ensure your bike's safety is intact. Nowadays, high-end electric bikes have dedicated compartments for GPS devices. 


#7. Registering and Insuring Your E-Bike

Bike locks, alarms, securing components, and parking in public areas are some of the proven strategies to guard your electric bike against theft. But if your ebike is stolen and you cannot trace it down for recovery, the best is to claim insurance. Insurance does not protect you by any means from having your ebike stolen but can compensate you for the losses and damage. 

So if you have decent financial conditions, we recommend you purchase insurance and get your bike registered for one. Besides theft, insurance covers the risk of breakage and any physical or material damage if you ever suffer in the event of an accident. While multiple insurance plans and options are available in the market, settle on the one that best fits your needs and requirements. 


Final Thought

No electric bike is theft-proof and is thieves' go-to option for stealing convenience. Of course, strategies are there to prevent your ebike from theft, but none is foolproof. We have shared some of the best practices to minimize the chances of robbery, but they do not guarantee sure-shot security. However, if you miss any of these safety practices, you'll surely be a soft and easy target for thieves and end up being a victim of bike theft.

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