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Charging time




Top Speed


Max load

350 W

Brushless Motor

36v 7.5Ah

Li-ion Battery

Why Hiboy S2

"I've saved nearly half the scooter's cost compared to driving, given the rising gas prices in Canada."

" The S2 is a good budget scooter option, I saw good range and top speed, right up with that advertised. And every E-scooter should have energy recovery system. The S2 have it. That is great."

Product Details


Handlebar Width (inch) 16.9

Deck Length (inch) 17.7

Deck Width (inch) 6.1

Overall Height (inch) 47.2

Standing Height (inch) 41.3

Folded Height (inch) 19.3

Maximum Load (lb) 220

Net weight (lb) 31.7



Unfolded Size45.7 × 16.9 × 47.2 in

Fold Size45.7 × 16.9 × 19.3 in

Product Weight31.7 lbs

Adapter Input Voltage110 ~ 240 V

Motor350 W

Tire (Front & Rear)8.5-inch honeycomb tires

Max Speed 30kmh

Max Range 27km

Max Climbing Capability15°

Max Load220 lbs / 100 kg

Battery36V 11.6Ah Li-ion

SuspensionRear suspensions

IP RatingIPX4

Charging Time3-5 hours


S2 Scooter:1

S2 charger:1

User manual:1

Allen wrench:1


Fully assembled

You can ride it once you receive it. Just get what you see here.

Foldable design save more space

With its folding design, it can effortlessly fit into any car, making it perfect for transportation. Plus, its compact size allows it to occupy minimal space in a college dorm or a small storage area. And you can take it on public transport.

App integration

App allows you to adjust it to your own riding style. The scooter offers a fantastic mobile app that connects via Bluetooth, enabling you to customize various settings according to your preferences. It's all about making your ride as personalized as possible! Built-in LED dashboard to view your riding mode, speed, battery life and Bluetooth connectivity even in the day.

3 Modes for Option

Mode 1 is a slower eco option, cruise in the efficient Mode 2, or go full throttle with the ultimate power of Mode 3.


Honeycomb were great relief to know that you would never get a flat. With a comfy suspension provide a comfortable ride. And responsive brakes make riding a joy.

Sharing Parts

The mobility scooter are sharing most parts with S2 series including S2 Pro, S2R Plus, S2 Max. This make sure customer can get accessories easily when they need. Which also make Hiboy not only a quality scooter company, but one that can deliver.

    • Battery
    • Range
    • Size Inch
    • Motor
    • Top Speed
    • Tire Type
    • Weight
    • Recommended Age
    • Max Load Capacity

Ride with Hiboy


Does S2 suitable for someone who never ride escooter before?

-Hey yes sure. S2 is a Entry Electric scooter. Make sure you are in a safe road when you try in the first time. After you master it, you can enjoy the fun.

How is the Hiboy warranty?

Hiboy provide 1-year warranty and 1-month returns & refunds service.

Does Hiboy have warehouse in Canada?

Yes, there are 4 warehouse in Canada. They are located in Ontario L5T2N3,Ontario,  L1J8P4,BC V6V 2B3,AB T4A 0P7. So products will be sent from local warehouse. It may shipped from China if it is out of stock in local.

When does the parcel arrive?

The parcel will be sent within 1-2 business days. It takes 3-5 days to arrive after sending out normally. It might be put off 1-2 days in peak month.

What should I do if the product is lost/damaged when I receive the parcel?

Don't worry. You can contact our customer service first (us,support@hiboy.com). We will reply you within 24h.

For lost, we will resend you a new one or refund after we confirming with the Express. It takes 3 days normally.

For damage, we support exchange or refund if the customer provide the pic and official website order number.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews

So before I get into the scooter let me say that Hiboy the seller is awesome. The team at Hiboy care about your satisfaction.
Now the Hiboy S2 is a nice scooter. I own another scooter that is awesome in its class. But it also fueled me wanting more. I bought the first one to see if Id like scooting. I do so I set my sights on something that didnt look like a childs toy. This scooter is mature in its looks. Ive added reflective decals and a rubber molding around the deck. Its a steel frame although lite considering the material. Controls are simple but if youre in the states you might want to get a free converter calculator cause the scooter speedometer is in kilometers not mph. The scooter reaches its claimed top speed on flat land. Range test got me a solid 12 miles in comfort mode. This test had 3- 20% grades the rest was flat paved bike paths. Im 6 feet 175lb. At the end of that test I had 26% left on my battery. My daily commute is 2 miles round trip. Braking is smooth and effective. Remember battery life depends on how you use it. It no different than a gas engine in that weight ,speed ,and terrain play a big factor in fuel economy. The app allows you to set your speed limits and the cruise control keeps it smooth. The only issue I had which I fixed temporarily with a piece of duck tape, is the kickstand. It has some sharp edges that will cut you if your ankle gets to close while kicking. You can see what I mean in the pic. I will make a cushion to cover it soon. With that its a awesome head turning scooter. I will revise this review when more variables arrive. Till then buy this scooter you wont be disappointed.


This scooter is great! Easy to use, comfortable ride, the light is very bright, a bit heavy for girl but I highly recommend it!


We’ve only had our two scooters a little over a month, but we love them! My teenagers love to use them to drive around town. Our college age son, who is at school about 15-20 minutes away (driving time) uses his to get around campus, but is also able to ride home and back to school on the local bike trail. The battery holds up to get him there and back with plenty of battery left (about 1 hour round-trip). We are now considering getting a couple more since there are 6 of us. They are great fun, and the battery holds up great on regular mode. Sport mode depletes battery faster, but regular mode works great. I would definitely recommend. My kids have the app and can lock it with their phones, and it works well. I love the lights for added visibility, especially for riding on the campus roads at my son’s school.
My youngest and I used it to ride up and over a bridge recently! It was so much fun!


Really great entry level scooter that goes up to 19 mph and the solid tires are great for worry and flat free maintenance. I rode it to work 1.5 miles away and it’s a fun ride!

Mashiat H.

It is really good. Really strong and can take you uphills.

fatimah A.

I bought it for my daughter and I am very happy with it. It works very well. This is the best thing you can get🤩🤩🤩🤩

Stephane D.

Im really happy with my HIBOY S2 she drive me everywhere . 😀

Enzo G.

It is super easy to use, very comfortable when it comes to driving and actually very easy to understand. The app is simple and synchronizes very well. The battery lasts long enough for a daily ride and charges a little faster than I thought. The rear and front lights and under the scooter illuminate very well for rides at night. Definitely a transport with a fair price and super useful for Vancouver and its bike lanes.

Mr. R

This is my first e-scooter. I am mainly a folding bike rider, and my background with two wheeled, man-powered vehicles is mostly human powered bikes.
My overall view of this e-scooter is that it feels sporty, and doesn't seem to sacrifice much while maintaining an overall compact package.

Ride Quality
This thing flies. The acceleration on this e-scooter is quite impressive coming from human powered bikes, especially from a standing start.

It has a top speed of 30km/h (19mph), and admittedly, this wouldn't feel fast when on a bike, but it feels very fast on this e-scooter. Bikes have bigger wheels, a longer wheel base, higher center of gravity, and lower rider position, where as e-scooters have smaller wheels, a short wheel base, lower center of gravity, and higher rider position.

The tires on this e-scooter are the solid air pocket type. Their small diameter and hard polyurethane material makes for a very bumpy ride, where your legs will do most of the shock absorbing.
This e-scooter felt fun going in a straight line over smooth pavement, but I slowed down to a crawl going over some compacted snow, and turning into corners.

Ride Controls
Both brakes on this e-scooter are very strong, and sensitive. I was surprised at how fast it would come to a stop while using regenerative braking. Likewise, the disc brake on this e-scooter would also kick in strong and fast.

The bell and disc brake lever position feels good.

Stacy z

The assembly is simple, only need to install four screws, and the attached assembly tool.
Great motivation. It is equipped with a powerful 350W motor and 8.5-inch solid tires for a variety of terrains. Top speed is 19 MPH (30 KPH) and range is 17 miles (27 KM).
The scooter is also equipped with a dual brake system to ensure your safety while riding. Three bright lights provide visibility when riding at night.
Designed for portability, this scooter features a folding mechanism that allows you to store it in tight spaces or take it with you on public transport.
It should be noted that electric vehicles can only be started when they reach a certain speed. When it's stationary, the spin forward button will have no effect.