Hiboy P6 Fat Tire Electric Bike for Urban Country Road – CAHIBOY

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48V 13Ah

Battery Capacity

100 KM

Max Range




Gear Shift System

26" X 4"

Fat Tires

All Terrain Off-Road Electric Bike

Hiboy P6 is equipped with  750W Powerful Motor, which adds power to the ride. The 26-inch fat tires allow for a more comfortable and free ride. Whether you're commuting around town or venturing out on hills and bumpy terrain, the 26-inch fat tires are designed to enhance traction and avoid slipping on the ground and sinking in the mud or snow.

Perfect electric bikes for adults

The electric bikes give riders the opportunity to going on long rides not worrying about hills or distance. Riders also can get as much or as little exercise as they want.

750W Efficient Motor

Our 750W brushless powerful motor provides 100 km long range with electric assist.

48V x 13Ah Removable Battery

The fat tires provide super smooth ride where you go. Get to the office on time, roll quickly through the urban jungle and discover the new all-terrai.

Fun and easy to ride for commutes

With its 4-inch thick tires and reputation for stability, our P6 e-bike is perfect for off-road adventures, weekends spent wandering the backroads, and everything in between.

Why P6 E-Bike Is the Best Choice?

Puncture Resistant Fat Tires

Puncture-resistant tires prevent punctures by thorns and glass while riding.Anti-skidding, wear resistant, adapt to city, snow, sand, dirt and various terrains.

Portable Design

Quickly switch between 7 gears, perfect for riders who are commuting in the urban city and exploring in the mountains at the same time.

750W Powerful Motor

750 watt powerful motor let this fat tire electric bicycle conquer the worst hill or sand.Powerful motor brings you a more funny, more efficient riding experience.

Frort Fork Suspension

Our P6 adventure electric bikes hydraulic suspension fork has 80mm of travel, preload adjustment and lockout option, more flexible to reducing the feeling of bumps when handling multiple terrain types.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Reliable braking performance and adjustable braking distance, providing sufficient braking forces even in harshest conditions, providing strong stopping power even in loost terrain.

High-luminance Headlight

Bright headlight provides a brighter, safer and more enjoyable environment for night riding. The unique LED circle illuminates your path while making you easily visible to others.

Product Details


Handlebar Height (inch) 44.5

Total Length (inch) 75.2

Wheelbase (inch) 45.7

Wheel Size (inch) 26 x 4.0

Seat Height (inch) 37.4

Stand Over Height (inch) 28.3

Chain Stay Length (inch) 19

Handlebar Reach (inch) 29.5

Head Tube (inch) 6.9

Seat Tube Length (inch)17.5



RIDING MODE Bike / Power Assisted / Pure Electric

Battery 48V 13AH Removable Waterproof Battery

Pure Electricity Range (143lbs) 40-50km

Power Assisted (143lbs)80-100km

Package Size 59.4*11.4*32.7in

Item Weight 65 lb /29.5 kg

Max Climbing Capability 20%

Max Load 265 lb / 120 kg

Shock absorption Front shocks

Brake Power off - front/rear dual disc brakes

Charger Time 6-7 hours

IP Rating IPX4

TIRES 26" X 4" Fat Tires


MOTOR 750W High-Speed Brushless Geared Motor


P6 E-bike:1

P6 E-bike Charger:1

User manual:1

Screws for lamps:1

Battery key:2

Installation tool:1

Hexagonal wrench:1


Quick release lever:1

Riders Review

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Happy Time


I am 5'10". Can I ride it?

Hey yes, the person who is 5'5" - 6'5" can ride our ebike.

Is it a good idea to use it in camping or RV?

They are excellent for nomading. You don't need to break camp to go into town. Or can scout a camping area before driving a questionable road.

I’m limited to how much pedaling as my knees start hurting. Can I coast the whole way?

Yes, you can just cruise with the throttle and not even pedal or you can use the pedal assist which makes it really easy to pedal. There are 3 assist levels.

I’m 6-5. I’m older but in relatively good shape so step over isn’t a huge problem for me. Do you recommend P6 for me?

The person who is 5'5" - 6'5" can ride our ebike. For the elder customer, EX6 will be a better choice. Surely it depend on your prefer and health condition. If you are in a good shape, you can try P6 fat tire ebike of course.

How does it handle beach riding?

P6 can be used in beach. Some customers took it out on the beach and it did great because of the fat tires. Not only beach, but also snow, off-road light mud terrain can be conquered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Felix Gevry
Hiboy P6 honest review from Quebec

This bike goes to 45km/h with the throttle, up to 55km/h with the pedal assist only, the suspension are very good as well as the front and back brakes once you adjust them. I would consider buying this bike if you want a quality bike for a low price, this is the best so far on the market in my opinion. The customer service was always there during the process of shipment, they offered me for free a phone holder and reassured me a couple of times. If anything break on the bike, they will be sending parts completely free, this is why I trust so much hiboy. When I received the bike, I went mountain biking and free riding in mud, rocks, jumps, etc. The bike is not designed for free ride, but it is VERY impressive how tough this bike is! I had no issues getting through mud, the suspension was great for rocks and jumps, the pedal assist and the different levels makes it very easy to free ride in any conditions. So far so good, I recommend purchasing the Hiboy P6, great motor and great battery, I am more satisfied than expected with this product, so if it is on sale right now, don’t even take the time to look at other products on the market like I did, it is far better than anything else you could get.

nadim abu-zahra
Fantastic fun

Goes up inclines no problem. Going down, I noticed smell of burning brakes so I will avoid the 22 degree ascent or 5 km vertical climb. Other than that, super fun mountain bike and comfy seat!

Brown Chris
I love my ebike

This is the best thing I have gotten in awhile. It's so much fun and I can go anywhere on it. I have over 900 miles on it from just this summer I also ride it to work and back. And I have almost all the accessories u can get for it now, have a rack coming for it to. I love it. And I get nothing but complements on the bike wherever I go. It's a good purchase.

Very Nice and high quality

The bike is great. It is very high quality and fast. My son loves it, and I think that it was worth every dollar. A great bike overall.

Mike Luzzi
P6 Awesome purchase

So easy to put together, did find all the screws laying loose in bottom of box but all there. Distance is limited to about 40km to 50km max on mode 3. Very happy with purchase and price.

Fighting Irish
Great for On and Off-Road!

Took this out with some buddies and did some trail riding. It actually held up quite well! I live in a place round with mountains have a variety of terrain - snow, gravel, dirt. I wasn't sure if the fat tires would actually handle well in the snow, but it absolutely performed! One of my buddies had a different ebike with "fat tires" and was slipping all over the place, but I was super impressed with the level of traction I had in snowy/icy terrain. I'm going to swap out the saddle (as it wasn't the most comfortable for the type of riding I normally do), but the front suspension is really nice and came in clutch on some of the more aggressive trails and terrain. It's a great option for getting around locally too - who doesn't need to save money on gas right now, right? Absolutely recommend this. Great bike at a nice price point!

FedEx ground did a great job

Delivery was great, box was 85lbs and the shipper left it at my garage door. Bike is awesome looking and actually scary fast. We are just learning how to use the bike but get comments everywhere we go. Did I say this was fast? Installation of all parts took 30 minutes. Take your time assembling and do it right the first time. Box was well packaged. No damage to box. Not even a scratch. This is a good deal at 1099!

Tyler robitaille
Make sure youre tall enough to comfortably ride it

Im 5 foot 8 and had to adjust some things on the bike just to make sure my feet can touch the ground flat. Apart from that, everything is super high quality and the bike came very well wrapped so there was no damage, the front suspension combined with the very comfy seat make the riding comfort very nice. Be sure to get the bike tuned after getting it so you can safely enjoy it.

Jason P.
Capable of conquering anything

I had the chance to get this bike and wanted to see what the hype was all about with fat tire ebikes. After a quick assembly and charge of the battery, I was ready to ride. The monstrous 26" fat tires can go over anything and aided with the front hydraulic shocks makes for a smooth ride. Top speed is 22mph and range seems to be excellent. My only complaints is the bike is so big that it's hard to transport and the grips are on the harder side. Otherwise this is such a fun bike to ride and to challenge yourself on new trails.

This is more than just a bike!

I have got to say I am impressed with this one. Ride feels so smooth that you will barely feel any bumps. Battery range is also quite good. The only thing that I had to get used to with was the accelerator. The way it is placed towards the inner side of the handle, I would accidentaly hit it while placing my hands on the handle but eventually I got used to it. Maybe they can improve its position on the next version of this bike but that's the only minor inconvenience you might face which eventually you get used to with but overally experience with this bike has been fantastic.

I have also ridden P7 version of Hiboy bike which one of my friends own and it is no doubt a good bike as well but P6's thick tires makes the ride much smoother and comfortable.

It has been a month since I got this bike and so far my experience has been really positive. Looking forward to put more miles on this beauty :)